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Play-offs Round 1 is over! Here are results:



So 16 pilots of each side are going to Round 2!
Poits of these pilots will be set to 3000 and the winners of Round 1 are getting additional 10 Play-offs points (they will have 3010).

Once again we are notifying that with the support of our sponsor https://virpil-controls.eu/ we will be granting prizes to the participants of our championship.

The winners of the regular season receive a coupon of 100 euros for VIRPIL Controls products. 

3 participants of the 4th round of the playoffs receive a coupon of 50 euros  for VIRPIL Controls products.

Champions of the Season 2019, i.e. winners of the 4th round of the playoffs will receive a coupon of 300 euros  for VIRPIL Controls products.

Prizes will be granted just before the New Year right after the Championship is over. Additional details on how to get prizes will be posted later.

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