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That ended the 18th round of the season and with it the regular part of the championship!

Having taken part in all 18 rounds, having won 6 wins and got an average position in round 3.1, the regular 362nd Digger pilot became the Regular Blue Fighter Champion!

The regular Champion of the Red Fighters, taking part in all 18 rounds, scoring 2 victories and getting an average position in the 7.6 round, became a pilot from Ukraine Klever!

Round 18



Now about the playoffs. In the playoffs go top32 pilots according to the results of the regular season + pilots who won at least in one round. If the pilot won and got into the top 32, then for each victory he gets 10 playoff points. If the pilot won, but did not get into the top 32, he goes to the playoffs, but without extra points.

Here are the playoff tables of the blue and red fighters:



According to the results of the first round of the playoffs, the top 16 pilots will go to the second round, and the winner of the tour will receive an additional 10 playoff points.

And now the fun part!

With the support of our sponsor  https://virpil-controls.eu/ we are ready to announce prizes to the participants of our championship.

The winners of the regular season receive a coupon of 100 euros for VIRPIL Controls products. 

3 participants of the 4th round of the playoffs receive a coupon of 50 euros  for VIRPIL Controls products.

Champions of the Season 2019, i.e. winners of the 4th round of the playoffs will receive a coupon of 300 euros  for VIRPIL Controls products.

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