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Hello pilots!

Today we'll explain how Fighters rantings will be calculated during Championship 2019 tours. For the purpose Elo rating will be used. It will be calculated basin on the dogfights statistics.

Detailed information on Elo rating system is available in wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elo_rating_system

We'll move directly to the application of the system to dogfights between pilots on our server.

In the beginning of every Tour every pilot begins with 1000 rating. Some part of rating will go from pilot to pilot basing on the result of dogfights.

On a win in a dogfight the pilot will earn 1 point, and 0 points on a loss. This variable is named Sa

Expected amount of points that the pilot A will receive in a dogfight is named Ea

    Ea = 1 / (1 + 10^((Rb-Ra)/400))

    Rb - is the current rating of pilot B

    Ra - is the current rating of pilot A

New rating of pilot A is calculated on the following formula:

    Ra’ = Ra + K * (Sa — Ea)

K is a coefficient that determines the maximum amount of rating points that the pilot can gain or lose in a dogfight.

    K = 40 - for pilots with total number of dogfights in a tour <= 30

    K = 20 - for pilots with total number of dogfights in a tour > 30

    K = 10 - for pilots with rating >= 2400

After the tour is over Elo ratings will be calculated and pilots will get Tour Points according to their position. In order to be ranked a pilot should have at least 1 victory!

    First place will get 100 points, will be locked in Play-offs and will get 10 Play-offs points

    Second place will get 90 points and will get 5 Play-offs points

    Third place will get 89 points and will get 1 Play-off point

    Fourth place will get 88 points

    And so on with a minimum of 1 point.

At the beginning of every tour Elo ratings will be reset to 1000 for all players.

In the 1st Tour of the season it's pure Elo ranking that will be taken into consideration. However during the Championship it's possible that 'survivability' modifier will be added in order to motivate players to save their planes and virtual lives.

In the next article we'll cover Attackers rating system.

Stay tuned!