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Hello pilots!

We are glad to announce that Season 2019 will start on 1st of March 2019! Taking the experience of 2018 into consideration we've made several changes to the rules, terminology and rankings calculations.

In 2019 in order to make the terminology of the competition more comprehensive we'll use the following naming:

  • Championship (Season) - all the competition of 2019 year
  • Tour (previously 'season') - Championship will consist of Tours like it previously did. The duration of a tour may vary, but generally it'll be reduced from a month to 2 weeks.
  • Play-offs - a series of tours in the end of the Championship where the Champion will be determined
  • Regular Season - the part of Championship without Play-offs

In the next several days we'll be making a series of articles that will explain Championship rules and rankings calculations that will be used in 2019.

Stay tuned!