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We are glad to inform you, that we have fixed a number of stats problems and bugs that we discovered after the beta test launch. Here the list of current fixes:

  • A number of stats engine issues has been fixed that results to loss of data

  • Doubled ‘Crashed’ number has been fixed

  • Air Kills will not be additionally counted as Ground Kills

  • Air Streaks are counted now. Best Streak is displayed in the Air Statistics table.

  • Pilots’ names encoding has been fixed

Due to implementation of these fixes and in order to check their correctness the stats will be wiped at 14:00 CET and the server will be restarted.

We continue our work on possible issues and on expanding statistics functionality. Thus, during the beta test period stats can be wiped from time to time. We’ll be notifying you about that in the news.

You can discuss the news in this thread at ED forum.

See you at Burning Skies!