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Hello, pilots!

September season was a no-label season. It's our first experience.


Shtahel achieved his first victory! He ended up only by 12 rating points ahead of his closest chaser. Whith this victory he reserved a spot in Playoffs! (reminder: top-32 pleayers willl be able to participate in playoff, plus players who achived at least one victory in full seasons during the championship)

The next 9 pilots are the following:

2. HFO_Coopes

3. zavar

4. FF*CMF*04

5. 9./JG27 DavidRed

6. amazing

7. 159BAG_Mamba

8. SodomNGomorrha

9. IAF Yuval

10. 362nd Campbell


His 7th victory got Saburo! With this victory he became a regular championship (no Playoffs taken into account) Champion before the term. Next pilots are:

2. zavar

3. Totof

4. IAF Yuval

5. Laviyo

6. OR | Kiakawa

7. Klever

8. {WD} bert

9. MaNu1017

10. liagouchka

Full Septemeber ranking tables are as usually on the following link:



In the both Championship divisions (Fighters and Attackers) leaders kept their 1st places.

In Fighters division elis {VR Oculus user} and Kiwi left Playoff zone and Laviyo and beretta5 got in.

In Attackers division 362nd Campbell (Tyngys and  SPARE 78 | =STP= Schnarre have 1 season victory and keep their spot in Playoff) left Playoff zone, and DMK{WD} bert and MaNu1017 got in the Playoff zone.

Full Championship table:


We are actively thinking about the format of Playoffs (which will take place in December) and we hope that we'll manage to find prizes for our future Champions!

See you at Burning Skies!