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Hi everyone!

Seems we found an appropriate formula to calculate pilots' ratings using data from our web-stats page and we calculated rating for December 2017 and January, February and March 2018.

You might be interested how we calculate ratings, and that is why we would like to explain it a little bit.

For Fighters rating:

  • 50% of weight - number of aerial victories
  • 20% of weight - number of aerial victories per lost aircraft
  • 20% of weight - number of aerial victories per virtual life
  • 10% of weight - number of aerial victories per aerial loss

For Attackers rating:

  • 50% of weight - number of destroyed AI units
  • 20% of weight - number of destroyed AI units per lost aircraft
  • 15% of weight - score for destroyed AI units per virtual life
  • 15% of weight - score for destroyed AI units per lost aircraft

When monthly season is over we create ratings tables that you can see on the following link (use tabs in the sheet to switch between seasons):

Pilots should have at least 10 sorties per season to be eligble for ratings!


Fighter pilots as attackers receive season points according to they rating standings. The following logic is used in order to grant season points:

1-st place - 100 pts

2-nd place - 90 pts

3-rd place - 89 pts

4-th place - 88 pts

.. etc. with -1 pt step per position.

90-th place - 2 pts

91-st place - 1 pt

92-nd place - 1 pt

.. etc. 1 pt to each following pilot who gained rating points.

Then pilots compete in Fighter and Attacker Championships basing on their season points

Championship table availiable on the following link:


(November 2017 - is test season, points are not counted to totals).

And summurizing all that we will be helding 2 Championships in 2018 and probably will think about some additional events to make thing even more entertaining!

Don't miss an opportunity to compete in with other players in Championships!

See you at Burning Skies!


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